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Dear reader,

On this occasion STOPZET association together with the internet televisions: Swedish - WHITE TV and Polish - NTV propose to all the TIs’ of the world and their allies to take part in the common medial event.

Our aim is to proclaim the International Day Against Mind Control, to pay tribute to dr Kilde and to broadcast most widely via Internet the information about necessity of immediate prohibition of inventing, testing, producing and using the newest generation weapons that can remotely control human behavior.

On this occasion we plan to put online 2 following petitions to sign for you:

1)    To the Polish Parliament about the prohibition of testing those weapons on the Polish citizens and about setting up the special parliamentarian committee to research the issue of secret EU and NATO experiments that were undertaken on us in this matter.

2)    To EP (the letter edited by Mojmir Babacek that you know from Berlin)

We plan at least 3 hours long program block. Our guests in studio will be Mojmir Babacek and dr Henning Witte that you know from Berlin, but we also count on the presence of the other TI friends on Skype or by video.

The first hour will be devoted to dr Kilde’s memory and the necessity of lobbying for the prohibition of weapons remotely influencing human beings’ nervous system.

The second hour will be filled up with the statements of the victims of secret harassing from Poland and from all over the world.

Then we start the debate with the participation of Polish politicians and journalists.

We would like to invite also you to take part in this event.

for NTV - Janusz zagórski
for STOPZET - Ewa Pawela
for WHITE TV - Henning Witte

Dr Rauni-Leena
Mojmir Babacek
Dr Henning Witte
Janusz Zagórski - NTV
Mind Control Interviews
Covert Harassment Conference 2014 - Bruksela, 2015 Berlin

Interesting movies about mind control, electronic harassment and gang stalking..


White TV is Sweden's first uncontrolled medium which is not a puppet to the establishment.  White TV reveals themes that are covered up by mainstream media.  We are starting with three piercings themes but will later on widen the range of explosive material.

White TV shall contribute to a more open discussion and lead to more democracy in society.
Projekt niezaleznatelewizja.pl realizowany jest przez środowisko Forum Nowej Cywilizacji (FNC) od grudnia 2008 roku. Pierwsze doświadczenia w nadawaniu programów telewizji internetowej na żywo zdobywaliśmy w słynnym Wylatowie. Tam po raz pierwszy w historii badań nad zjawiskami paranormalnymi (UFO, piktogramy), działał monitoring kamer przemysłowych wylatowskich pól on-line oraz nadawano na żywo codzienne audycje z zainstalowanego w wylatowkiej bazie studia RTV. Po zakończeniu Akcji Wylatowo  marzyliśmy o powołaniu alternatywnej telewizji internetowej. Na przeszkodzie stanęły oczywiście ograniczenia finansowe. Postanowiliśmy nie czekać na kasę tylko działać w ramach istniejących realiów.

Target Individuals

World societies of victims (Target Individuals) of Gang Stalking, Electronic Harassment and Mind Control.
Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde
15 November 1939 - 8 February 2015
(EN) Targeted Individuals, let’s sign the undermentioned Petition to Ban Neuroweapons.

Studio NTV
e-mail: info@niezaleznatelewizja.pl
skype: niezaleznatelewizja.pl
adres:  ul. Łaciarska 28 pokój nr: 109
Janusz Zagórski
kom.: 533 885 883
e-mail: januszzagorski8@gmail.com
www: januszzagorski.pl
STOPZET Society-
STOP Organized Electronic Tortures

Ewa Pawela
e-mail: pawewa@op.pl
kom: 514 812 577
Henning Witte
Box 29
SE - 610 14 Rejmyre

e-mail: henning@whitetv.se

Victims of mind control in Czech Republic
JOIN ONLINE: 8 February 12:00-15:00